Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon September 27, 2011 , 4:09 AM PDT, 7:09 AM EDT

The seasons change and shortly after the Autumnal equinox we have a New Moon in Libra, sign of balance, a cardinal air sign. Balance, however, will be elusive as the combination of planets, 5 of them in Libra, opposes Uranus and are squared by Pluto. Remember that square, the one that will be with us until well into 2015! There are five planets in Libra. We have a name for that configuration; a Stellium.

Although not as rare as some would like to believe, a Stellium is formed by 3 or more planets usually in the same sign of the zodiac. Of more significance is when there are 4 or more planets involved and this New Moon finds 5 planets in Libra. This concentration of energy in one sign creates a strong focus on Libra, the New Moon and the conjunctions formed within this configuration. All of the various energies are working together which increases the challenge since it is part of a T Cross as well.

There is a great deal of tension here since this is a very tight T Cross with a focal point from Pluto. If you have planets in the earlier degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this month is going to offer many challenges for growth and change. Try to let go and allow the energy to open your mind to new ways of seeing your reality. Step back from the turmoil you may be feeling or the turmoil you see around you and attempt to see the larger whole that is operating right now. Jupiter is still making a trine to Pluto so it is possible to explore what might develop in the future. Jupiter is expansive and often operates in a way that sets the stage for future opportunity. With a trine to Pluto that opportunity could be intensely transformational.

Meanwhile Mars has moved into the fixed fire sign of Leo and is now making a trine to Uranus. Maybe some calculated, well thought out risk taking is in order but be aware that with Venus conjunct Saturn, some of those relationship limitations you might be feeling are actually potentially grounding. New Moons are new beginnings but the full moon always brings the possibility for more awareness so waiting 2 weeks will clarify issues more. Be careful not to react to situations now and to think them through. Mercury, representing thinking and communicating is conjunct the new moon and demands that we think first and then act. The square from Pluto will make this an intense time and the opposition from Uranus will create restlessness and possibly the unexpected. Be as aware as possible and pay attention to the world around you. Acting on emotions will be very problematic.

Outlets to this energy are important and they do exist. Look to trines for those avenues to express the pent up frustrations and lack of clarity you are experiencing. Some may believe they know what is best for others. Only you know what is best for you but putting off major decisions if conflict persists is better than reacting to circumstances. Learn to respond after careful consideration. If ever meditation were called for, this is the time for it.

Isolation from the problems of the world is also not advised. We are all living through some difficult times even if your own personal reality seems solid. The ground is moving now, if not literally, figuratively. Everyone is impacted by the external conditions so reach out and assist others if you can.

With the Mars trine Uranus aspect, try to be open to new ways of expressing yourself. Give yourself permission to explore creatively, even if you have never done anything like it before. Now is a good time for that as it is an outlet for some of the tension most are experiencing. Dance, sing, paint, write and find a way to enjoy who you are becoming. Mars squaring Jupiter warns us to not take on more than we are able to handle. So use good judgment but certainly open up to what is possible now.

All of this is the energy of the solar system and it is available to the planet now. We can not control anyone but ourselves so spend the time you need to know yourself a little better and do something positive to contribute to another’s life. Libra is the sign of relating/relationship/balancing self with others.

Plant the seeds for growth as this new moon begins and be open to learning something new about yourself and the world at large. In a couple of weeks, the new moon will become full and the opportunity to experience more awareness of these circumstances will present itself. We ebb and flow as do all living things and the lunation cycle is a cosmic reminder of that fact.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon/Harvest Moon: Sept. 12 2011

Full Moon/Harvest Moon: Sept. 12 2011: 5:27 AM EST. 2:27 AM PST

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The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox which takes place on September 23rd.

By definition, the full moon is the opposition of the Moon and the Sun, a 180 degree angle which implies tension with the goal of awareness. The moon is reflecting as much of the Sun’s light as possible. From the dark of the moon, new moon to the full moon, the energy waxes, building to this point in time. The tides are highest and so are human emotions. Try to be aware of feelings and what triggers those feelings. The full moon of September 12th takes place in Pisces, a water sign. Thus, feelings are even more pronounced. If there is ever a time to examine oneself on a deep and spiritual level this would be it. The Virgo Sun is reflected so analysis and attention to detail will be challenged by lack of boundaries in order to ultimately recognize the oneness of all. We can see both sides of this dichotomy now. There is also a waning opposition from Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) and Neptune, (Pisces’ ruling planet) although it is out of element.* This reinforces the meaning of this full moon.

Let’s discuss the meaning of an opposition as it is one of those aspects that imply projection onto others in order to see oneself. We need to own the energy we are feeling and recognize that what appears to be coming from others is also coming from within us. Oppositions are also opportunities for balance as we become conscious of our dualities. Earth opposes water, and air opposes fire. We need both sides of this opposition to be complete. Also note that there are 3 signs in each element thus cardinal fire, Aries opposes cardinal air, Libra; Cardinal water, Cancer opposes cardinal earth Capricorn; Fixed earth Taurus opposes fixed water Scorpio; Mutable air Gemini opposes mutable fire Sagittarius; fixed fire Leo opposes fixed air Aquarius; mutable earth Virgo opposes mutable water Pisces.

The most compelling relationships we can have are with those who are our opposites. That is why when I see a Cancer/Capricorn combination I know there is great challenge but also great hope for partners to gain in awareness and grow. Likewise, if you are born during the full moon phase of the lunar cycle, you will often feel like you are on a see saw, trying to balance the two opposites within you. Keep in mind that the Sun sign represents what you are growing toward, its light pulling you to become more vibrant and alive with your fullest potential while the moon pulls on you to remember the past and integrate that into your life for more balance and awareness. The Sun is the expressive, the moon the deep rooted feelings coming from the past. The moon is habitual and so it often implies a comfort not often felt by following through to the fullness of the present. Full moon people are asked to seek the balance of integration and ultimately individuation.

The Mercury opposition to Neptune is completing now. Mercury is now past the point at which it retrograded in August. It is time to move forward on plans and projects that may have gotten delayed or shelved. Reexamine the potential as the full moon brings awareness and the waning opposition from Mercury/Neptune helps to bring clarity from the confusion or illusions of the latest retrograde period. With Mercury still in Virgo until September 25th be sure to analyze your options and pay attention to details that may have been overlooked.

Along with the full moon and other lunar aspects, this month finds us all still dealing with that pesky square from Uranus to Pluto. Those unnerving and disruptive energies continue to impact the planet and our personal lives, depending on where that energy manifests for each of us. I don’t know that we ever get used to this kind of energy but it is going to be with us for quite a while. We will feel its effects well into the year 2015 when Uranus will finally move past the square to Pluto. It’s a long one as the outer planets move so slowly.

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*An out of element aspect occurs when one planet is at the end of one sign making an angular relationship to a planet at the beginning of another sign. Example: Virgo opposes Pisces but a planet at the beginning of Virgo can oppose a planet at the end of Aquarius because it is within the so called orb of influence. Thus, Mercury at 5 Virgo is still considered in opposition to Neptune at 29 Aquarius.