Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon November 10, 2011

This month’s full moon is in the sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign. There is always great potential for awareness and some clarity during a full moon and whatever began at the new moon on October 26th can now be developed or processed with more persistence and determination for fixed signs offer those qualities to all of us. The real beauty of the lunar cycle is that it is so repetitive. Each month, each new moon, offers a new opportunity to grow just as each new day offers a new beginning. In astrology, we can find many new beginnings as we study the cyclic nature of our planets as they revolve around our sun and symbolically around our natal charts.

This full moon stands by itself in some ways as there are no close aspects to it. We truly can attempt to gain clarity about emotional issues and look at the tendencies we have to get stuck and hold onto old feelings and patterns of behavior. When the moon is full it is reflecting as much of the solar light as it possibly can so look deeply into your depths and explore how you manifest your energy to create your physical world. We are still dealing with the intense sign of Scorpio but the moon in the opposite sign of Taurus helps us to ground that intensity with something tangible.

Mars in the final degree of Leo has moved into a direct opposition with Neptune and is now beginning to move past that opposition. As it does, it will move into the mutable earth sign of Virgo and begin to form a grand trine to Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Any confusion that has been felt regarding taking action on your life may now begin to clear up. It is a very positive time for creating something real from the clarity that can come with this energy. Grand trines can also make us more laid back and because this is an earth grand trine, more physically lazy. For a while this energy will allow healing to take place if we tap into the spiritual reality of who we are. Mars implies the need to act on things and grand trines are not very motivating but any action at all will yield results now. Those with planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), especially planets in the early degrees of earth signs, will find this energy most beneficial.

Mars trine Jupiter encourages taking action that expands the current situation while trining Pluto at the same time demands deep and intense acceptance of what is. There can finally be a rising above it all in order to come to terms with whatever was creating confusion and disillusionment (Neptune). Do something concrete with this energy and share it with others while this grand trine is active. As Mercury turns retrograde on November 24th, things will shift once again and this lunar cycle will complete on the 25th just in time for Mercury to do its thing. I will discuss that in depth in my next blog at the next new moon.

Mercury and Venus have been hanging onto a conjunction since the new moon of October 26th and are now in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. As Mercury slows down, preparing for its retrograde period, Venus moves past the conjunction. Generally a conjunction of these two planets is short lived, a day or two so this longer period can be seen as a time that began with intensity in Scorpio and opened up through a generous spirit of communicating love and caring these past two weeks.

Saturn, the task master, is moving toward a trine to Neptune. This will become more exact as this year ends and a new year begins. A trine of these planets offers us all the opportunity to marry our spiritual tendencies with our physical reality. Helping those in need and contributing our resources, whether physical or spiritual is a great way to allow this energy expression. More on this as well when it becomes more exact.

Finally, I would like to share a paragraph of information I came across while re-reading one my favorite astrology books. It is some food for thought as we open up to what the world is going through during this time as Pluto moves through Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn (Approximately from 1764 to 1778)

Capricorn refers to the establishment of large scale social schemes and political institutions, but also to their crystallization, which Pluto confronts and often radically upsets. The United States of America began its career under such a Pluto transit, which challenged the rights of the English king, particularly in matters of financial policy. Pluto is in the second house of the US chart with mid Sagittarius rising, a highly significant position as the new nation found in the land of its birth tremendous resources which it ruthlessly and relentlessly tapped and indeed misused because of corporate greed and personal ambition. In France the monarchy was crumbling because of a variety of scandals. Pluto often tends to bring into the open the shadow of political power or personal ambition. It forces any entrenched group to surrender its privilege or else to face revolution or moral-spiritual bankruptcy. It seems probable that Pluto had recently entered Capricorn when Luther challenged the powerfully entrenched Catholic Church.

The Galactic Dimension of Astrology: The Sun is Also a Star by Dane Rudhyar
Pages 95-96. First Edition published 1975 under the title The Sun is Also a Star.
In light of the revolutions and financial challenges around the globe in the past few years, since Pluto once again entered Capricorn, I thought this quote was extremely interesting. We can take a closer look at the chart of the USA in future blogs.