Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Moon October 26, 2011

The new moon of October 26th, 2011 is in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of intensity with a strong element of desire for union. It is often a sign focused on sexuality but not in the physical sense. Scorpios long for union with a soul mate. The sign is deep, dark, mysterious and seldom superficial though one may appear so to cover up the pain of deep feelings of hurt. The sign of Scorpio is also the sign of death, rebirth and the mysteries of existence. Astrology associates the planet Pluto with Scorpio.

There are several planetary aspects on this new moon chart, each one distinguishing itself to create complex energies which will no doubt manifest on multiple levels of reality. From the mundane to the deeper psychological and spiritual levels, this new moon is one of intense extremes. With a close opposition (180 degrees) to Jupiter in Taurus, emotions will run high. Some may wonder if the moon is full as Jupiter oppositions may create extreme highs and lows. The key to this is keeping one’s balance. It may feel like an emotional seesaw and weighing everything will be important. Jupiter is in an earth sign so finding balance through the practical application of what you are feeling will help. This is another one of those times to let things develop and not take action despite a strong desire to be expansive in self expression. Jupiter can bring excess as well as good fortune and with a new moon opposition, excess is much more likely.

The rhythm of the lunation cycle allows for things to be seeded at new moon with optimal awareness coming at the full moon. Develop ideas and explore deeper feelings while recognizing that this is a new cycle with some energy waxing and some waning (developing and receding).

Jupiter is making a close trine to Pluto which is, as we have discussed, still in a long term square to Uranus. The trine is a major outlet but requires a very practical approach, grounded in the reality of what is and not what one wishes or imagines there to be. Jupiter offers some relief from the intensity of the square’s challenges, allowing us to see possible future outcomes developing from all the unexpected and erratic energies that have manifested in the last year or more.

Keep in mind that the longer process of the square from Uranus to Pluto is the background energy that must be played out for now. It is, as mentioned previously, transformational on a global level so there is not much an individual can do to change things. It will take a collective effort and those efforts are all around us. Choose wisely if you plan to get involved. The US political system and all of the challenges facing the American people is a good example of the Uranus/Pluto square. The Arab Spring is another example on a more global level. The world is changing before our eyes as we live through these historic times. This is a theme that will repeat for a long period as the square continues.

There is a developing T cross forming in the fixed signs, adding more everyday tension and challenge to the current reality on the planet as global ideas develop into action. Mercury and Venus are making a conjunction in Scorpio and they square Mars in Leo in a tight aspect while Mars in Leo moves toward an opposition to Neptune. The fixed signs are highlighted here so anyone with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are more impacted by this month’s lunation. The stellium in Scorpio insists that we all take a look more deeply into the dark pool of our psyches and become aware of our deep rooted fears about the transformations taking place all around us and within us.

Once we allow ourselves to see the personal implications of these fears, we can use the energy of the developing opposition of Mars to Neptune to turn our fears into hope and renewal. Neptune dissolves ego boundaries through spiritual awareness. We have to take this process step by step and these aspects can be helpful in the timing of this process. There may be some personal confusion as the approaching Venus square to Neptune gives way to Mercury’s square. Thoughts will cloud issues for a brief period. Try not to be too decisive without allowing the guidance needed to gain clarity. Neptune is generally an energy that takes time to clarify as the boundaries dissolve. We are invited to use that ego confusion as a sign to turn within and find spiritual strength and wisdom.

Remember the New Moon is the beginning of a cycle of development.

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