Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Moon October 11, 2011: Uranus Squaring Pluto

With the full Moon in Aries opposing the Sun/Saturn conjunction in Libra, keeping our impulses in check is going to be the challenge of this period. Aries is the first of the fire signs and there is an impulsive quality indicating a strong desire to take action. Since the Moon is full, emotions run high and acting on feelings of frustration might seem like the thing to do but beware of all possible consequences. With Saturn in the mix, we are cautioned about accepting the limitations we are now aware of. By balancing our own desires with the needs of others, we have the opportunity to learn what the best course of action may be. With the full Moon trining Mars in Leo, the opportunity is there for making a good impression. The oppositions of this full Moon insist on balance as a way to overcome the potential for appearing oblivious to other people’s needs. Feelings are a great outlet as long as they are not overwhelming in their expression. Mercury, also a part of this opposition with the Moon suggests thinking through what you are feeling and opening up to a more enlightened response since Mercury is making a very close trine to Neptune. Thus we have two encouraging trines from the Moon to help us manage the intensity of the oppositions.

One way of working through the energies we continually deal with is to keep a journal of some kind. Looking back 2 weeks we could now see what we were processing with the new Moon since this full Moon is the time of becoming more aware of that process. Growing psychologically and spiritually means working on becoming more aware of how we react or respond to the challenges facing us. These energies come and go quickly unlike the movement of the slower moving outer planets in our solar system.

Uranus Square Pluto:

The square from Uranus to Pluto creates tension and deep transformation. Uranus is sometimes revolutionary and Pluto brings about death and rebirth. In the early/mid 1960’s these two planets made a conjunction in the sign of Virgo. Anyone who lived through the 60’s understands the tremendous social changes we experienced at that time. A conjunction of two planets is the beginning of the cycle much like the conjunction of the Sun and Moon each month (new Moon) begins the shorter lunar cycle. We are now experiencing the waxing square from that conjunction and this square will continue well into 2015. It has taken this long for these two outer planets to go from conjunction to square.

On a personal level this square is impacting each of us and the degree of challenge depends upon where one’s individual planets are by sign and house. As mentioned previously, the cardinal signs are experiencing this more intensely, particularly those with planets in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

On a global level this energy is helping to create the climate of extreme change people are going through all over the planet. The USA is not immune to this and many of the social issues that became prominent during the 60’s are being revisited now. Women’s issues, civil rights, voting rights, protests and long term wars are just a few of the issues that have bubbled to the surface. This is not energy that can be contained. It will find outlets as people, who are now more connected than ever, help to bring great changes to the planet. A waxing square indicates growing pains that create deep tensions that need to be expressed. These changes are often escalated by forces of nature since both Uranus and Pluto symbolize energies that are often unconscious and beyond the control of our ego awareness.

Jupiter, now retrograde in Taurus, is making a trine to Pluto. For now there are outlets of expression and opportunities to see possible future outcomes but all of this energy is erratic due to the influence of Uranus. We all must open up to the changes needed for the evolution of our planet. Everything seems a bit bizarre and out of control yet rest assured there is a reason for these dramatic forces we see around us.

Get down to the basics of what it means to be human and recognize that each one of us has room to grow beyond the limited awareness we each have. Uranus, first planet outside of Saturn’s orbit represents unexpected change. We are called upon to move beyond the boundaries of the physical plane and attempt to see things beyond our 5 senses. Pluto demands that we let go of what is no longer sustaining us so that something more viable can be born. This is an exciting time if not a bit scary for some. There is potential for chaotic destruction but all of this will serve the purpose of bringing about a new order in the world.

Nothing will ever be as it was since Pluto is the energy of death of the old and from that the new will rise from the ashes. In mythology Pluto is the god of the underworld so the transformation will no doubt, force us all to face the dark side of our nature. As Carl Jung believed, we have to shine the light on the darkness and it begins with our own psyches. The unrest we see all around us is also within us.

Simply put, if you are not able to work actively with the energies we are experiencing, then let go and let God! When we recognize our limits we learn to let go of trying to control things and we allow ourselves to be guided by what is known as a higher power.

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